About us

VBH Estonia AS was founded in the year 1993. under the business name LOKMAN. We began by selling doorlocks and fasteners.

In the year 2000. 100% of the shares of VBH Estonia were acquired by Europe's biggest wholesale company of ironware- VBH Holding AG. From that day on we are a part of a worldwide company,
which has offices and warehouses in more than 36 countries with in excess of 3000 employees.

In the coming years the list of purveyors grew with companies and today we represent more than 70 purveyors with in excess of 9000 products.

The main line of business for VBH Estonia are the professional sales of window-, door-, glass package-, and furniture fittings, glues, paints, and fillers for roof openings, quick supply to producers and also consulting.

We supply clients with materials and complete solutions. We help clients with the complete solutions.

Our clients are window-, door-, facade-, furniture producers and -installers, producers of wooden materials, clients of roof opening fillers, construction companies, construction stores and private individuals (through the e-store).

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VBH Estonia OÜ Läike tee 12, Peetri 75312, Harjumaa Reg: 10179000 | Tel: +372 6401 331 | E-mail: orders@vbh.ee